Introducing Our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters

Elevate your sliding stacking doors with our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters, a testament to superior design and functionality. These shutters are specifically designed for sliding stacking doors, offering a perfect solution to enhance your space with style and convenience. Let’s explore the exceptional features that make our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters stand out:

  1. Customizable Blade Sizes: Achieve the ideal balance between light control and aesthetic appeal by choosing between 90mm or 115mm blade sizes. Tailor the shutters to complement your unique preferences and design vision, enhancing the overall look of your sliding stacking doors.
  1. Extensive 25-Year Warranty: We stand behind the quality and durability of our shutters. Enjoy peace of mind with an impressive 25-year warranty on both manufacturing and powder coating. This warranty protects your investment and ensures long-lasting performance.
  1. Enhanced Durability with Automotive Nylon Plastics: Our shutters are fortified with automotive nylon plastics, guaranteeing exceptional durability and stability. This high-quality material enhances the overall strength of the shutters, ensuring they withstand the rigors of daily use on sliding stacking doors.
  1. Wider Span Capability: Each panel of our shutters boasts a wider span, accommodating larger openings with sliding stacking doors. This design feature creates a visually pleasing and uninterrupted look, providing a clean and cohesive aesthetic that perfectly complements your sliding stacking doors.
  1. Bottom Track Only Needed on Front Panel: Say goodbye to obstructions and enjoy a clear and unobstructed pathway through your sliding stacking doors. Our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters eliminate the need for bottom tracks on all panels except the front panel. This ensures smooth movement without any floor-level obstacles while maintaining stability and functionality.
  1. Patented Sliding Head System: Developed over 40 years, our unique and patented sliding head system sets our shutters apart from the competition. This superior system guarantees no warping or sagging, ensuring long-lasting performance and optimal functionality specifically designed for sliding stacking doors.
  1. Premium Stainless-Steel Components: Crafted from 316 stainless steel, our shutters feature components known for exceptional corrosion resistance. This choice of material ensures durability and longevity, even in challenging environments, providing reliable protection for your sliding stacking doors.
  1. Slim Side Design: Our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters feature slim sides and no need for infills, effectively blocking out light while maintaining an elegant and minimalist appearance. Enjoy a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with your sliding stacking doors and enhances your interior design.
  1. Effortless Installation: Our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters are designed for easy installation. The head, track, and pelmet come as one piece, streamlining the installation process and saving you time and effort. You can quickly enjoy the benefits of your new shutters without unnecessary delays.
  1. Versatile Functionality: Manage indoor lighting with ease using our sliding shutters. Effortlessly cover and uncover your sliding stacking doors according to your preferences, providing versatile functionality that adapts to your needs.
  1. Sleek, One-of-a-Kind Design: Our system stands out as a one-of-a-kind solution designed specifically for sliding stacking doors. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal with our sleek and unique shutters that combine strength and aesthetics.
  1. Tightest Closure Possible: Our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters boast the tightest closure possible, ensuring minimal light leakage and maximum privacy. Enjoy a well-sealed environment that aligns perfectly with your desired ambiance.

In summary, our Aluminium Sliding Stacker Shutters offer a superior and versatile solution for light control, privacy, and aesthetic enhancement specifically tailored for sliding stacking doors. Elevate your space with these exceptional shutters, designed to seamlessly integrate with your sliding stacking doors and enhance your overall interior design.